Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest Blog By My Girlfriend

I've been busy and haven't been able to write so here is my girlfriend's blog post:

I was a very good singer in my school. But once I finished my high school, I couldn’t manage to get into any band easily as most of them were into heavy rock music or something similar. This didn’t give me a chance to get into any of the bands which I knew in my area. I did keep on checking numerous bands in other localities too. But most bands didn’t require a female vocalist and those who did already had one in their band. I felt very disappointed when my efforts didn’t get me any positive results.

My friends advised me to try something else. I did take up a part-time job at a music store but I still had a faint desire to be a lead vocalist. Then a middle-aged man dropped in at our shop to buy some CD’s. He was discussing with his assistant about the problem faced by his band as their female vocalist had moved off to another city. He was the manager of the band. I asked him to give me a minute and told him about my singing skills. He seemed skeptical at my attempts but called me the next day to the hotel where the band was practicing. When I sang some songs which were requested by them, everything fell into place. I was accepted with open arms by the other members. I finally fulfilled my dream. It pays to be patient in the music field.

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