Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whistle While You Work

I have some issues when it comes to keeping my place clean. It’s never dirty…meaning the bathroom is always presentable to company, the trash cans are emptied on a regular basis and food is never left out. However, it does get quite messy. I have a bad habit of leaving clothes lying about my room, dishes pile up in the sink, the dishwasher is never emptied, my school books and papers lie about the dinner table mixing about with the past few days’ mail, etc. So, by that rationale, my house can be considered cluttered and even messy. I absolutely hate to take time out of my day to clean…it’s too much extra work to be done; especially after work and school. However, I have found that the best remedy to this problem of mine lies within music. For whatever reason, I love doing chores around the house so long as there is good music being blasted. I discovered this when I was a kid still living at my parents house. My younger brother and I would actually look forward to the times where my parents would be out running errands on the weekends and we were left to do chores at the house. We would play CD’s over our TV surround sound system and be able to pound out or chores in half the time it normally took us. I suppose this follows a type of “whistle while you work” theory in which some sort of distraction allows us to carry about what we are doing much more effectively then if it was not there at all.

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